Specialist Support Coordination

Community Connections is a registered provider of NDIS Specialist Support Coordination (also known as Level 3 Coordination). Our Specialist Support Coordination team members assist people with disability with exceptionally complex support needs to reduce participation barriers and overcome challenges to achieving their NDIS goals. We help people to access a broad range of direct supports, make empowering connections and increase their involvement with communities of their choice.

Specialist Support Coordination (SSC) is a more intensive form of NDIS support coordination. It is provided by skilled coordinators who may have a high-level professional qualification, an allied health, community or social work background, personal or professional experience of psychosocial disability, or other extensive, appropriate and relevant expertise over many years. SSC is funded through the NDIS for participants with particularly complex life circumstances. Participants may have exceptionally high support needs involving many different mainstream and disability-related services or find themselves in a crisis situation.

How we Assist You

We will work closely with you and your support network to help you to achieve your NDIS goals. Community Connections will:

  • Support you to achieve greater choice and more control over the supports you need.
  • Work with to develop an outcome-focused complex support plan tailored to your circumstances, needs and goals.
  • Assist you to sustain or establish effective supports, improved ‘natural’ networks of friends, family or community and, where necessary, specialist services (whether NDIS funded or mainstream).
  • Act swiftly to help you resolve or prepare for potential crisis situations.
  • Work with you and your support networks to seek specialist advice that assists you manage any risks in your situation.
  • Identify, explore and assist you to connect with peer support or advocacy services if this is something you require.
  • Help you monitor your own progress towards your NDIS goals and the performance of the support services you use.

About Our Team

Community Connections for Inclusion has been providing empowering support to people with disability and their families for more than 25 years. We have been a provider of NDIS support coordination for over 8 years. Most of our coordinators are based in Canberra. One team member is based in Sydney. We have a skilled, experienced team.

  • We employ coordinators with extensive experience and training in direct and ‘intermediary’ disability support.
  • Team members have a broad and diverse range of personal and professional experience of disability with backgrounds that include allied health practice, children & families, criminal justice, housing, psychology, social work and youth work.
  • We are skilled and experienced in working with people with a wide range of disabling conditions and complex support needs.
  • Our team members are responsible, respectful and excellent communicators.
  • We understand the local communities in which you — and we — live, build relationships, seek to be involved and wish to contribute.
  • CCI is passionate and committed about supporting and empowering people with disability to live the lives they choose.

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